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 We design and manufacture integrated circuits. Components from SGA are custom designed for their specific applications. This is what we call Specific Components.

 We know Analog. Analog is a very important keyword for us. The components we work with are all used in analog applications. Some components do also contain digital functions and are in fact mixed signal devices.

 Your application is important to us. Learning about your product is our first step towards a new Specific Component. Optimizing customer products is what it is all about.

 We design and manufacture ASIC. An Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a component that is developed for one customer. This approach will create an optimized solution for one specific application.

 We design and manufacture standard components for selected applications. Our standard components are rather special and are still indeed Specific Components. The difference compared to an ASIC is that the standard components are available to all customers.

 Welcome to SGA. By the way, our full company name is Svenska Grindmatriser AB. We will tell you what this means when we meet!

Svenska Grindmatriser AB. Brigadgatan 16. SE-587 58 Linköping
Phone: +46 13 36 46 60
E-mail: info@sga.se - www.sga.se