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About SGA
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A component from SGA takes you one step closer to the perfect product. We help you discover the benefits gained from updating your analog system with a Specific Component.

Analog integrated circuits is our business. We have completed more than 150 different component designs since the company was founded in 1986. We know analog design and we realize that the key to the design of a successful component is to understand its application.

 We want to know your application. Learning about your analog system is our first step towards a new Specific Component. We are naturally always interested in new Analog ASIC-projects. We would also like to know if you have an idea for a standard component that is not yet available on the market.

 We design and manufacture ASIC. An Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a component that is custom made for one defined application. The right to purchase the component is owned by the customer.

The objective with an ASIC is in most cases to replace a multitude of standard components with one Specific Component. There are many benefits achieved by doing this. This includes decreased production cost and product size as well as increased product durability and performance.

 We are a fab-less manufacturer of integrated circuits. This means that wafer manufacturing and assembly is subcontracted. We normally keep wafer sort and component test in-house at our facility in Linköping, Sweden. Our customers interact with us for all steps from initial component design and through all phases of production.

A Specific Component is an important part of the customer application. Our mission is to provide long term production supply of the components we design.

SGA is your source both for design and production of Specific Components for your analog system.

23 October 2020

SGA has been named "Gasell 2020" by Dagens industry for the second year in a row.

13 May 2020

SGA has been named "Best Integrated Circuit Manufacturer - Sweden" by Acquisition International in their Business Excellence Awards.

9 December 2020

SGA welcomes a new owner - Storskogen AB. More information <here>.

29 October 2019

SGA is looking for analog ASIC designers. Interested? Give us a call or send us an email.

Svenska Grindmatriser AB. Brigadgatan 16. SE-587 58 Linköping
Phone: +46 13 36 46 60
E-mail: info@sga.se - www.sga.se