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An ASIC is your component. We design the component to fit your application. We manufacture the component for you and you decide who can buy the component.

An ASIC from SGA is an analog component. There may well be digital functionality included to make it a mixed signal part. Complexity of our components is however always on the analog side.

We provide components for many different applications. This includes for example sensors, measurement and audio. Power supplies and motor drivers are also good examples of application areas that we have designed components for. We address industrial and high reliability applications. One thing that all applications that we serve have in common is the need for analog signal conditioning.

There are many arguments for the development of an ASIC. The basic idea is to integrate lots of functions in one integrated circuit. This will give a far more compact solution compared to if standard components are used. Many ASIC-projects are motivated by pure cost reduction reasons only. Another common reason is that the small physical size of an ASIC-solution is required by the application. Having your own ASIC will also make it very difficult for your competitors to copy your product.

The development of an ASIC is an investment. There will be an initial cost involved when designing an ASIC. This will in many cases mean that a certain production volume is needed to motivate the development. This limit is very much dependant on a lot of things and must be evaluated individually for each case.

An ASIC is manufactured in the same way as a standard component. The same type of semiconductor processes and the same type of assembly flows are used. You will buy an ASIC from SGA in the same way as you buy a standard component. We have competitive solutions for ASIC-production in any production volume.

The best way to investigate if an ASIC is an alternative for you is to show us your product. We love schematics, block diagrams and specifications!

9 December 2020

SGA welcomes a new owner - Storskogen AB. More information <here>.

29 October 2019

SGA is looking for analog ASIC designers. Interested? Give us a call or send us an email.

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