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Success Stories
Application Information

Train signal and communication system

SGA has developed a number of ASICs for use in an automatic train protection (ATP) system. The components are used to monitor the signal lamps in the signal towers and to communicate wayside information to the on-board computer in passing trains. Information like the state of the signals further up the track, or speed restrictions, is transferred via an RF transmission link as the train travels over a balise that is situated between the rails.

These products are developed for Bombardier.

The SGA parts are used in a harsh environment in a system where there are high demands on system reliability. Our customer needs parts with a long term supply since this is an application with a very long life time. The programmability built into the ASICs makes them very flexible and wireless field programmable.

Programmable I/O for sensors in building automation

This building automation application can use several different types of sensors to monitor for example temperature. The component from SGA contains four software configurable I/O channels. It is possible to connect a wide variety of sensors without modifying any hardware in the system. Each system may contain several components from SGA depending on the number of I/O channels.

This product is owned by the French company Schneider Electric.

The component from SGA made it possible to significantly reduce the number of different Printed Circuit Boards used for this product family. Software programmability has made it possible to cover a wider range of sensors with each product.

Thread break sensor

Industrial textile applications call for immediate detection of broken threads. This product contains an instrumentation amplifier and detector from SGA.

The sensor is manufactured by the Swedish company Eltex

Developing an ASIC with SGA made it possible to achieve a compact solution that is also very hard to copy by competitors. Sales of an ASIC is always controlled by our customer.

Component tester

This component tester includes reference signals that are provided at each test pin. Our component provides these signals and is an interface to the pin drivers. There is one component for each pin driver on the tester. This application is a calibrated system with high demands on stability.

The component tester is manufactured by Advantest in Germany.

Integration level is very important for this application. The component from SGA integrates all reference generators in one small package with good thermal properties.

Eurofighter avionics system

The flight control system for the jet fighter Eurofighter uses LVDT sensors to measure mechanical movements at various locations within the aircraft. The component from SGA is a dual LVDT receiver and there are about 60 components in each aircraft.

Our customer for this component is Diehl Aerospace in Germany.

This application has high demands on analog linearity and long term stability. System reliability is improved by the introduction of an ASIC as the number of components and connections in the system is drastically reduced.

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