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Welcome to SGA!
We design and manufacture integrated circuits that are custom designed for their specific applications. This is what we call Specific Components.
High Temperature Specific Components
We realise integrated circuits that are specified for use at +225C.
Analog ASIC Cuts Cost
Cost reduction is a natural goal when introducing an Analog ASIC in an existing application.
Minimum uC System
A good way to create an optimized microcontroller system is to integrate all analog  functions in one Specific Component.
Managing a Last Time Buy
A Specific Component from SGA can be designed to be a drop-in replacement for an obsolete component.
High Reliability Specific Components
A Specific Component from SGA can be designed for Hi-Rel requirements and manufactured in Hi-Rel production flows.
Configurable Connections
Industrial control systems often require many types of sensors. A Specific Component with configurable inputs can reduce the need for hardware versions.
Solutions for Gas and Water Meters
A Specific Component from SGA can take care
of all the sensor specific functions and signal conditioning for energy, water and gas meters.

Product Datasheets

High-Temperature Instrumentation Amplifier With Sensor Supply.

Not recommended for new designs.

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