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Last Time Buy situations are unfortunately not very rare for integrated circuits. Re-design of a product because of an LTB for a component is not a very productive task and might lead to an expensive re-qualification of the product.
An ASIC from SGA can be designed as a drop-in replacement for an obsolete component and will in this way solve the LTB-problem.

It is in many cases very hard to estimate future need for a component when you get a Last Time Buy. This is even more so when the expected lifetime for the application that uses the component is long. Placing an order for the remaining life of the application is then not an alternative and you need to find a new solution. Re-design of a system where an important component is not longer available can be a difficult task. One change affects something else and you end up with a chain of actions that requires huge efforts to sort out.

We have extensive experience from designing replacement components that are fully compatible with existing parts that have turned obsolete. The main advantage with this approach is naturally that we provide a drop-in replacement component. Other parts of the system can therefore be left as they are. Your re-design efforts and the need for re-qualification will in this way be minimized.

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